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Can your website be easily found? Is it easy to navigate? When people do find your website, are they turning into customers? If your visitors are not converting, your website is not performing. Two Tails Tech is capable of designing websites that do more than take up space, and can actually be a tool that generates revenue for your business.

Your website is a virtual doorstep to your business. Without the right elements in place, your website might simply be taking up space on the internet; however, if it is designed effectively, it can be a powerful marketing tool that drives results. In order for a website to be successful, there are some key elements that have to be in place:

In order to obtain customers, you need visitors. If people cannot find your website through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, acquiring visitors to your site will be rather difficult. So how do you ensure that potential customers can find your website? You need to be able to “rank” for specified keyword phrases, or keywords that customers would search to find you. This tactic is more commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By showing up high on Google and other search engines, your website can develop the online presence it needs in order to gain visitors and effectively grow.

Once a visitor has found you, they need to be able to view your website from whatever device they are using. Unfortunately, not everyone is browsing the web from the comfort of their home on their PC. In fact, most people don’t do browsing from their computers anymore, and are viewing through a mobile device. For this reason, your website design needs to be “responsive,” so it can be arranged for PC, Tablet, or Mobile devices. That way, no matter what device your viewers are on, they can effectively view and navigate your website, which will increase the chance of simple visitors converting into customers.

Your website is one among millions, so it needs to be engaging. You only have a couple of seconds to catch a visitors attention, otherwise they will move on with their search. The most effective way to really capture your audience is through some type of animation, whether it be video, a nice slider, or some form of motion. Once you’ve gained your visitors attention, you need to have rich, unique content that keeps them there. By providing your visitor with the best customer experience, you will drastically increase your conversions and retention rate.