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How do I get my website to show up on Google? This is one of the most common questions business owners have, and for a good reason. If you can show up, or “rank” on Google and other search engines, it means your website is easily found by your potential customers. In order for your website to rank, you need to have superb Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, what is SEO? When you conduct an online search, the first results you see may be paid ads (PPC), which are paying to be at the top. Immediately after that, you get what are called organic search results. That first result is what Google has defined as the web page that best fits your description, and can typically lead you to the desired information, product, or service the you are looking for.

When Two Tails Tech is designing your website, we conduct the research to determine optimal keyword phrases that will best benefit your business. By ranking on page one of Google for specified keyword phrases, your website has the potential to leverage a substantial amount of customers. At Two Tails Tech, we don’t just build you a website. We build you a dynamic website that is fully optimized for search engines, converts visitors into customers, and is able to act as a marketing tool that generates revenue for your business.

How We Optimize Your Website

Unique Content

Google’s algorithm weighs content very heavily in terms of website rank. Without rich, unique content that contains information your customers are actually seeking, your website will have trouble ranking. In fact, Google’s algorithm is so intelligent now that it can detect duplicate content, and can actually penalize you for “black-hat” tactics for trying to take shortcuts. At Two Tails Tech, we provide professional content marketing to produce results for your business.

Optimized Images

When Google reads your web page, it is pulling more information than just the content alone. There are many factors for SEO, including the title of images, alt tags, and other “meta-data.” Creating optimized titles, descriptions, and keyword phrases for your images can boost your ranking in search results. Two Tails Tech will apply the researched keyword phrases to images, alt tags, and other aspects of the image properties in order to truly optimize your web page for search engines.

Keyword Targeting

When you look at search results on Google, the big blue title is called the “Meta-Title,” and the description is called the, “Meta-Description.” If you have not optimized your SEO, Google will populate these fields based upon your content. However, without creating custom meta titles and descriptions, you could be missing out on a higher page rank. Google weighs the title and description heavily when ranking a website, so Two Tails Tech takes the time to craft unique titles and descriptions that are synergistic with your content for each individual page.