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When it comes to your computer, there are a number of reason why Windows won’t start, locks up, or freezes. The most common of them is a corrupt operating system. You may be asking yourself, “How does my operating system (Windows) become corrupt?” Operating systems can become corrupt by shutting off your computer or losing power during important updates, a failing hard drive, a bad memory stick (RAM), or BIOS (UEFI) settings. If you’re computer is freezing during startup, or you are having other computer issues, Contact Us today for a free quote!

A good way to try to see if you can get into your operating system when your computer is not loading properly is “Safe Mode.” Windows 7 users have the luxury of being able to push the F8 key during the boot process to be able to pull up extra startup options. If you’re on Windows 8, you need to access the advanced startup options. Try loading safe mode to see if you can get into your computer. To get Windows to load properly, further diagnostics will need to be performed; however, this will let you access important files temporarily if need be.