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If your laptop is overheating, there can be a number of reasons causing it. While you’re browsing Facebook, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, or checking your bank statements, your processor is working hard to “process” that information. Doing so gives off a lot of heat, so your fans attempt to cool your computers environment. Over time, those fans pull in dust, dirt, and whatever else is in the air directly into your laptop or PC. This builds up over time, and excessive dust can drastically reduce the breathability of the laptop.

In addition, your processor has a sticky paste in between¬†the heat-sink and the fan called “thermal paste.” Thermal paste can become dry and stale over time, minimizing the effectiveness of the heat dispersion. Any time your computer is overheating, it is a good idea to check the thermal paste and re-apply if necessary.

Once your dust levels have reached a certain thickness, your laptop or PC will no longer be able to circulate any air or disperse any heat, making your PC or laptop a nice little oven. Eventually, the temperature sensors reach the stage where it forces the PC to shut down. Having your PC shut down when you’re in the middle of important work can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention the time you lose every time it happens. With repetition, this could cause permanent damage to your system. If you’re experiencing your laptop shutting off randomly, it may be an overheating issue. Contact us today for a free quote.