No Power

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My computer doesn’t have power. What do I do?

This is a scenario that many people have found themselves in, but most people have no idea what to do about it. Some people may purchase a new computer; however, a new computer doesn’t have to be the solution. A repair is typically much less expensive than a new computer purchase. Before purchasing a new PC or Laptop, feel free to Contact Us for a free quote on repairing your existing laptop. If your computer is not repairable, we can use our expertise to guide to the right computer purchase.

Having a computer with no power can definitely be frustrating. At Two Tails Tech, we realize that your computer or laptop has become an essential function to your daily life. A computer without power can mean downtime for a business owner, potential catastrophe for the last minute student, or in a worst case scenario, you can’t access your Facebook! Oh no!

Put any stress or worry aside because we can help you fix any of your technology problems, including power issues. The best part is, we do it all for a very affordable cost. Call us today for a free quote, and we can get your computer up and running.

I didn’t do anything, so why won’t my computer start now?

Unfortunately, the majority of times when a computer has no power, it is not the result of the user, but the result of malfunctioning hardware, which can be caused by a number of things:

  • Bad Power Cord (often caused from surge)
  • Dead Power Supply (caused from surge, and can wear out over time)
  • If it’s a laptop, a bad power jack can result in being unable to charge
  • Worst case scenario is a dead motherboard, which can still be substantially less expensive than a new computer