Loose Power Jack

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A power jack is the piece on a laptop computer where you plug in your power cord, and over time that piece can become loose, resulting in your laptop being unable to receive a charge. If your computer is unable to receive a charge, then it may not turn on at all, turning your fancy laptop into an expensive paperweight. For many people, this may seem like they have a dead computer, but fixing the power jack is much less expensive than purchasing a new laptop.

How Did My Power Jack Break?

A power jack can break for a multitude of reasons. Simply dropping the laptop on the right corner can disrupt the power jack, among other types of physical damage to the laptop. The most common reason is simply wear-and-tear. Over time, as you plug and unplug your charger from your laptop, you are applying small amounts of pressure to the piece, which eventually causes either the metal connectors or the encasing to break, making it impossible to transfer power from your charger to your motherboard for your computer.

How Do I Know if My Power Jack is Broken?

The best way to tell is to have a power tester, or take the computer apart to inspect connections and the hardware’s integrity, but not everyone has the means to do this. There are, however, some easier ways to see if the power jack is the problem.

  • Try a different power cord. Many times, the cord has gone bad, and a new one can provide a more secure connection.
  • If you’re having to play with the power cord by rotating it around, the power jack may be loose or experiencing intermittent connectivity.

If you’re experiencing power jack issues, or your computer simply isn’t starting, call us today for a free quote.