Liquid Damage

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Liquid damage to your laptop or computer is potentially one of the worst things that can happen to your device. If you have spilled some type of liquid onto your laptop, it is highly advised to shut it off immediately (assuming the liquid didn’t crash your system), and DO NOT MOVE IT! The more you move your laptop, the more the liquid can shift around, causing further potential damage to your system. Unplug the laptop if it is plugged in, and call us immediately. The longer you keep water inside of the system, the greater risk you are putting your device in.

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Unfortunately, liquid damage is hard to predict what condition the laptop will be left in. In most liquid damage scenarios, hardware will need to be replaced due to the damage the liquid has caused to the electronics. While most people consider liquid damage to be the death of a laptop, replacing damaged hardware can be a fraction of the cost of a new computer. Before you go spend a substantial amount of money on a new laptop, give us a call for a free quote on fixing your existing equipment.