Dim Laptop Screen

If you’re experiencing a dim laptop screen, the back light for the screen may have burnt out. A good way to tell if your back light is dead it to turn the computer on, and shine a bright light onto the screen itself. If you can barely make out some of the content, it means the back light in your laptop screen is burned out, and you may require a replacement screen in order to get your laptop back in a working condition. Two Tails Tech can determine which issue you are experiencing with your laptop and give you an affordable option to fix your issue. While a dim screen is usually the result of a dead back light, there are other circumstances where the back light is not the issue.

Dead Back Light

When a back light is dead, you will barely be able to see things on your screen. A dead back light will make the screen incredibly dim. Picture an original Game boy that actually required light for you to see the screen itself. A laptop screen with a dimmed back light is the same way. If you have a very dim screen, call us today for a free quote on getting it fixed.

Bad Inverter Board

A black laptop screen can be the result of a dead inverter board as well. In this case, the screen can be dimmed from the back light not receiving power, or completely black. Two Tails Tech can effectively diagnose your dimmed or black screen issue and offer an affordable repair. Call us today for a free quote.

Flickering Screen

If you have a screen that flickers, it can be the result of failing display cable. There are connectors plugged into the motherboard and the back of the screen, and as you open and close the laptop over extended use, the connectors can become loose or damaged. Contact Two Tails Tech today for a free quote on your flickering screen issue.