Data Recovery

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There is no question that our data is incredibly important to us, so what happens if you accidentally delete something, or your hard drive dies, and you don’t have a backup? That can be a scary situation, but it has happened to people in the past. Don’t stress too much though, because Two Tails Tech can recover your data, even if you have managed to accidentally delete it from your system.

Accidentally Deleted Files, Gwinnett Data Recovery Service

Common situations where data recovery is needed:

  • Accidental deletion of a file (music, document, system file, quickbooks file)
  • Hard drive is potentially dead
  • Hard drive is making a clicking noise
  • Hard drive repeatedly makes the “startup” noise

I accidentally deleted important data. What should I do?


Most importantly, STOP working on your computer immediately! While the data is recoverable, the more you keep working with your existing system, the less likely you will be able to recover your data. If you overwrite the file, there is a possibility that it can become unrecoverable.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “How do I overwrite my data? I deleted it.” Whenever you create or save a file, it leaves an imprint on the drive. If you delete that file, the imprint is still there, but the drive no longer “indexes” the file. So when you “delete” your file, you’re actually saying, “Don’t index this file anymore.” The imprint of that data is still there, until it is overwritten with another snippet of data, which is why it is imperative that you cease all function immediately and call us before you permanently lose your data.

Will you have to take apart my hard drive?

Two Tails Tech will never disassemble your hard drive as it voids the warranty for the drive, and that type of process needs to be done in a forensics lab. Our data recovery methods utilized very power software that scan the drives for imprints of the data, which have a very high success rate in fully recovering your files. If we are unable to recover your files through our software, we can recommend a forensics lab to attempt a very in depth scan for your files.

Why should I use Two Tails Tech’s data recover service over a forensics lab?

Forensics labs will inevitably have a higher success rate than an in depth scan using specific data recovery programs, but the simple answers are price and time. A data recovery with a forensics lab usually runs upwards of $800, and the price can increase based upon the status of the drive, size of the drive, and other pricing factors.  Two Tails Tech can recover your data for substantially less, and can usually have it back with same day to next day service. Call us today for a free quote on data recovery, and get your data back in a timely manner for an affordable price.