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What is a Computer Virus?

When you hear the word, “virus,” some people will think of a biological attack, and others will think of a technological attack. Biological viruses and computer viruses act very similarly by making your system slow down and behave erratically. In addition, they tend to be difficult to remove. Computer viruses are designed to endlessly replicate, causing infections to programs, files, registry information, and even core system files. Cryptowall, a form of ransom-ware is a computer virus that holds your files ransom by creating encrypted copies. Cryptowall has infected more than 600,000 computers since late 2014, and that number keeps increasing. Tens of thousands of new computer viruses become available every day, so keeping your computer clean and staying up-to-date with protection is becoming increasingly necessary.

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How Did My System Get Infected?

✔ Visiting a website that is infected by a computer virus

✔ Sharing music, documents, and pictures with friends or other users

✔ Opening or downloading a spam email or infected attachment

✔ Adding free games, toolbars, media players, and other types of system additions

✔ While installing programs/apps, you do not deny 3rd party installs

What Does a Computer Virus Do?

Computer viruses can do many different things, just like biological viruses pose different threats on your body. The most common computer virus behavior is classified as a Trojan Horse, which rapidly reproduces itself, causing your system to be bogged down and perform slowly. The other common classification is Adware which creates a nightmarish user experience through an overwhelming amount of popups and misbehavior from your web browser. These excessive popups can also create a slowed down system. In more intense virus types like Ransom-Ware, your personal data can be held hostage for a fee, and unless you pay that fee, the data is typically unrecoverable, depending on which form of ransom-ware you have.

My Computer is Infected. What do I do now?

If you’re experiencing a computer virus, we understand your frustration, and would be glad to help you with your issues. Whether your experiencing pop-ups, a slow computer, slow startup and shut down, or programs won’t open, our virus removal team can get you back up and running. Contact Us today for a free quote. We can get your computer virus removed, and in many cases have your computer running faster than it ever has before.

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